How I work

After our initial conversation I will assess your project and will only proceed once a plan and amount of work has been agreed. I would expect to update you during the project to inform you of progress and to give you the opportunity to point to particular areas of interest that you may wish to have researched.

Each family history project is unique and until research is under way we  cannot be certain of the direction it will take; for this reason I prefer not to offer packages at a set fee.

My fees are £22 per hour for research and report writing, plus expenses:

  • such as access to the Scotlands People Centre in Edinburgh or Alloa if applicable (£15 per day),
  • costs of obtaining copies of records,
  • costs of binding, providing archival quality storage etc.
  • travel costs,
  • postage and packaging

I ask for a £22 deposit once your project has been agreed and then payment can be made on completion, or for a larger piece of work in stages, at the end of an agreed number of hours work.
Payment can be made by personal cheque, by BACS transfer or PAYPAL.

As a guide, for a Family Tree report I would expect to be able to research a single branch of the family back to the mid-1800s and provide a report for about £176 plus expenses.


Genealogical research is always a journey into the unknown. It is important to be aware that there are gaps in the records, particularly before registration became compulsory in Scotland in 1855. Some records have been lost to fire, flood or church mice; in many places there are years where no records were kept or your ancestors may never have had events recorded. I use as wide a variety of sources as I am able. but now and again there comes a point when we may have to accept that there are no useful records.