Letters, diaries and journals

Do you have precious family letters, perhaps a war time diary or a travel journal tucked away at the back of a drawer? I can make a copy onto archival quality paper so that you do not have to handle a fragile document. The content can be transcribed so that all the family can read it – people are becoming less accustomed to reading handwriting. Many diaries, particularly those kept by people in war time service are full of abbreviations and now unfamiliar terms; these will be expanded and explained. Information on the historical context of the document and biographical details about the writer will be provided. The final document can include copies of your own photographs of people or other significant items. There are several binding options to suit your needs and you may wish to have several copies for different family members. A CD or electronic copy can also be supplied.

I am also able to supply you with the appropriate archival storage for your original documents to help their long term preservation.



History of your home in Scotland

Are you curious to know who lived in your house before you? When you live in an older house you become aware that you are one in a line of people. Whether a grand country house or something more modest I can find out who occupied your house, what their occupations were and where they had come from. A fully referenced report will be provided and can incorporate photographs of your house and the surrounding area.


Your Scottish Ancestry

Starting from the information you have I can  research your family finding out who they were, where they came from and their occupations. This is research that goes beyond the information now readily available on the internet. I have easy access to most of the major libraries and archive sources in Scotland. I will produce a fully referenced report which can include copies of your own photographs and family anecdotes. The report includes an ancestral tree chart and descendent chart. Several binding options are available and the report will also be supplied as a CD or electronically as appropriate.

You may also have done some research yourself and be looking for help with specific queries, perhaps ones that need access to archives, and I am able to do this work at an hourly rate.